Muscle Tips

"How To Stay Fit  Just by Working Out At Home."

Most of us wondering whether we can be fit, lean, or muscular just by working out at home. On the other hand some of us may think it is hard to maintain the level of fitness and muscularity by doing so. When we take into consideration some important factor such as ambiance, availability of equipment, space, money and etc, this may seems inappropriate or impossible. 

Not only that, you may not have the time to go to the nearest fitness center or local gym due to your busy working lifestyle or in most cases you just can't afford to pay  high gym membership(as in some country e:g Malaysia) or even not having the confidence to join these fitness community as you do not have the basic in working out. Students normally can't afford to spend money on high priced  gym membership as they are not working and depending on limited source of income(study loan, or parent).

But the fact is in reality it is NOT impossible to stay fit by working out at home. Based on my personal experience when i was studying in the local university, i found out my true passion was towards fitness and bodybuilding(until now). Obviously that requires me to consistently went to the gym 4 to 5 times a week. As usual due to my busy  lifestyle as a student, i was not able to go to the gym as frequent as i used to and  at some point  it was very hard to bear the expensive gym membership fees because at the same time i need to spend on supplement which serve as important aspect of dieting.

So i started to think what should i do as a substitute to a gym. After i did some research and home work, i came out with the solution of working out at home.Now i would like to share with all of you how you too could do this at home. Basically you will need a few things:

#1. The Right Information

Before you start any workout routine, just make sure that you get to  know the basic and important information on exercising and/or working out(From stretching, warming up, target muscles of each exercise, the  right technique, compound/ isolation movement, variation of exercise so on and so forth).

#2. Basic Equipment

Now it seems that you need to spend some money on equipment but don't worry as this will be an investment of a lifetime.You just need to find a good one and that is less expensive.
There are varieties of gym accessories and equipments at different range of prices that could suites your needs. What you need  is a sets of dumbbell ( which is a multipurpose and good for alternate or isolation movements). Dumbbell normally can be used for bicep curls/hammer curls/concentration curls, triceps pullover/, shoulders press/side raises/front raises/ bend over raises, rows, chest pullover, entire chest and etc.

Next is barbell, which is very important for compound movement that serve as a core routine.(also multipurpose).Barbells can be used for compound movement such as (dead-lift, bent-over rows, shoulder press, behind neck press, chest press squats,shrugs and many more.

Resistance Band is also an important equipment that can be use for many kinds of movements.Plus it is very convenience and useful for those who always travel. Bands provides resistance for pull and push movements as it is elastic.

Attachable Pull Up Bar (Home Used)

This pull up bar is important for your development of lats. This door bar can be use for pull ups or chin ups exercise. It can be attach to your  house or room doors when you need it and keep it once everything is done.

So now you know what equipment that you need to workout at home. It will give you the results and save your money on  high monthly gym membership.

Once you have all of these equipment, then it is time to start your routine.