Friday, 2 September 2011


Still remember the last time i went to our local gym in Setapak area, i think that was 3 month ago when i decided to take a break for a while. Not that im bored or  lacking of enthusiasm to workout but it was because of the time constraint and not able to finance my the bodybuilder's lifestyle as i was in my final semester that it cost me lots of $$$. So basically i stop working out for quite a long time that i gain unwanted size that i fill my waistline with a thick layer of fat that makes me looked less attractive and ugly. Currently i undergo an internship program in one of  Malaysia's Telco company in K.l. And just few weeks before Hari Raya i discovered a very interesting discount coupon offered at, where CLARK HATCH giving out a promotion for 1 month unlimited gym excess worth RM47 that normally cost RM1**.00 ++  i think somewhere around that. 

To me it was a great deal where im able to enjoy one month gym membership at a very low price  and i think this would be a kick-start for me to start working out again. I've been waiting for a long time for this moment and opportunity to get back on track.Ok done with the intro, haha...what i want to share with all of you is actually my experience working out in CLARK HATCH AT CAPITAL SQUARE K.L. I have taken some pictures during my first visit but if you noticed there's not many people around since its was the 4th day of HARI RAYA. Im enjoying my workout since im able to used the machine without having any crowd distraction.

 This is the front entrance of CLARK HATCH so you just need to proceed to the the next floor once entered and there will be another counter at the front where you will be entertained by the front-liners.
 Then the lounge for those who wants to have a short rest after your workout or like me i have to fill in some registration forms for the temporary membership. And on the right side there's a  sort of juice bar i think.
 And just  in front of the lounge is the treadmills, stationary bike, elliptical bike and few machines located on the back. For us to do some cardio or warming up.
This is the room that they used for group exercise such as aerobic, body pump, dancing and ect which i think could possibly occupies 20-25 pax.

 On the other side is the weight training area for those who seek to toned up your body or building  some muscles.It is a combination of free weight and machine which i can say very spacious especially during peak hour and the layout was great. The machine are also well maintain and looks like brand new.

 This was on the right side, but honestly to me this Fitness Center is suitable for those who are into fitness or just maintaining their general health.Beginner bodybuilder are recommended but those bulky guy i think could easily tolerate the weight volume in a matter of time.
 Here are the dumbells....

Good that they have 2 smith machines which i believes we can utilized it for various major part exercise.

 More pics...

 Not to forget they also have a big locker room, shower room, including sauna which i forgot to take the picture but it is good in my point of view. So there you go, a brief sharing with all of u guys who need some information when it comes to choosing the right place to join.But this review is mainly for Capsquare branch, they have few other branches as well for you to check out. To be honest i went here without having any clear picture or imagination of how the place would looked or feels like. But to me it was quite good since this is my first time joining a commercial fitness center. Rating 3.8/5..Ciaow!!


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